When Bob Proctor refers to one of the gems that he has read and reread over and over resulting in a huge and profound impact on his life, he is referring to the book:

“The Science of Getting Rich”

This “Little Green Book” as Bob calls it, combined with my 18-week course will set you further on the path to obtaining wealth as you focus on your heart’s desires.

Through in-depth study of these concepts and coaching with me, every week your thoughts will change to think creatively, rather than competitively.  Wattles also offers techniques for getting in tune with your deeper self that channels communication between you and universal energy.  We will take these techniques to really magnify your results.

  • The Science of Getting Rich will impress upon you to get rich in an ethical way and to believe unconditionally that what you want is yours to have.
  • This book spells out the formula through the power of thought and willpower for getting rich.
  • It also shows you exactly how to control your thoughts to obtain the success you were created for.

I am excited for you to experience the benefits into my proven mental program.  You can succeed by doing what you love to do!

With these principles, you can and will create financial and spiritual wealth!

I’m excited to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

Your Partner In Success!


Melissa Tietz, PGI Certified Consultant

On A Mission To Help YOU Turn Your Thinking Into Results