How do I help people to help themselves, do it in the shortest amount of time possible & create lasting change?

You want to connect with a strong mentor that will champion you in ways you haven’t ever imagined, someone that walks the path that you want to be on and getting results in their own life.  Having a mentor can take years off your learning curve and these are just a few of the many things that mentoring with Melissa will provide for you.

“My passion is changing people’s lives, for the best!  I see my clients with that ‘desired end result’ that they may not see yet.”

I want you to thrive, not just survive.  Create a life that you love and excites you!

Once you break through your limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held you back, you will open the gates to your dreams and passions.

You can create exactly what you want in business, relationships, health, happiness, wealth, and life!  You deserve to have it all — and I will help you get there!

Join me for 1:1 Mentoring to create lasting change and success

Your Mentoring package, which includes (8) 30-minute sessions, begins with looking at your current mindset and the way you perceive your life.  We will dive deep right away and get rid of that “story” you keep telling yourself.  We will find where you are giving away your power and refine what you are longing to achieve.  We will get to the heart of the problem, break through what’s holding you back, and establish a vision of a new way to live and work.  Get excited because there is a lot of shifts and changes that happen when working with me 1:1!

We’ll begin right away!

I’m excited to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

Your Partner In Success!


Melissa Tietz, PGI Certified Consultant

On A Mission To Help YOU Turn Your Thinking Into Results