This guide one of the many tools that you get when you work with me


1) You want to get as detailed as possible.  I want you to hear the sounds, feel the textures, smell the smells, see the colors, shapes, and sizes.  Use all 5 of your senses to make the vision come to life.  Make it real.


2) Do your visualization at least once a day.  That is enough to start making an impact.


3) Set aside 5 minutes for your visualization.  Sometimes my clients tell me they start to daydream, or their mind will wander.  That is okay, just bring your focus back to your vision.  The key is that you focus on your vision for at least 68 seconds that is where the magic happens.  After 68 seconds your mind will continue to transmit even after you f visualizing.


4) You’ll want to share this with someone you love.  Getting emotionally involved and excited is part of the creation process!  Share it with someone that will support your dreams and visions.


5) Put yourself in the picture.  See your vision through your own eyes. When I visualize, I see the car from the driver’s seat with my hands on the wheel.  I see the blue ocean waves crashing on my feet.  Feel your emotions that will have as if you were there.  You want to put yourself in the picture since you are the creator of your reality!


6) Lastly, you want to go to the end result with your vision.  Do not get stuck in the “how is this going to happen” or start in with doubt.  Just see yourself with a smile, happy and blissful already in possession of what you want.  It’s about what you want, not how you will get it.


This all sounds easy, right?  Well, this information is simple, but it is developing the habit that will start making the shifts in your life.


Remember it’s as easy as building the picture in your mind, see it in clear detail and get emotionally involved.  Get into the feeling of already having it!


This is a fun process.  Be clear and play with your imagination here.  Get excited about the results you are going to start seeing!!!


Here’s to your continued success!