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For the past 6 months, Melissa has been my coach with Proctor Gallagher Institute’s Thinking Into Results’ Course .  Working with her has been nothing short of life changing. She has expertly and intuitively guided me through the course and kept me on track every week with our weekly accountability check-ups. She is the most tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on people I’ve ever met. Her positivity is positively infectious! Her encouragement and belief in me throughout the program has been a major catalyst for gaining a deeper understanding of myself, becoming a more effective business owner and realizing my own full potential. In just 6 short months Melissa helped me establish, fulfill, surpass and DOUBLE my business income goal – all while helping me become a happier, healthier and more confident human being in the process. If you have been searching for a coach to help you with your life/business look no further. Hire Melissa. Do what she says. Trust her intuition. And you will GET YOUR LIFE!

~ Tommy Collier, Denver Colorado
Tommy Collier Productions

I really loved the Thinking Into Results Course with Melissa!  What I really wanted is what I received.  It gave me the strength to think and expand. And you, Melissa, gave me strength to do everything I wanted.  I enjoyed working with each lesson for 2 weeks and this course gave me the guidance to create faster.  It has been so valuable to have the time to listen, understand, and apply over the 6-month course.  Working with Melissa was great!  I grew so much! I feel like I doubled my strength.  I have created my dream!

~Ksenia Oster-Miller, Los Angeles, CA
Owner of Eve International Beauty Salon

Leslie Hamp - Client Testimonial“Melissa Tietz is amazing! Whether 1:1 coaching, speaking from the stage or leading a team, Melissa is a powerhouse.  She is people-oriented, results-oriented and a joy to work with.  If you are looking for real results in your personal or professional life, I highly recommend you contact her.”

~Leslie Hamp – Michigan

Client Testimonial - Jerry BrainerdMelissa has been the most amazing coach I’ve ever worked with. Her energy is amazing and then couple that with her knowledge, spirit, and professionalism and you have your perfect coach.  I have had other coaches in the past, all have great aspects but Melissa brings them all together in one place.  She has infinitely helped me with my goals, strategies, and mindset.  Melissa is so easy to work and speak with, that our sessions flow effortlessly and I alway gain great wisdom from her and she always shares her knowledge and experience to make me better. I am so happy and grateful that I am working with Melissa, now and in the future.

~Jerry Brainerd, Eau Claire, WI
Owner, Revolution Manufacturing

Anne Lane - Client TestimonialI am a certified coach, and I was able to accomplish this because of Melissa’s amazing ability to see through my negative self-talk and bring me to a place where I could grow and become the person I was meant to be. She is determined, positive and understands what people are going through. She meets you where you are and brings you to a place where growth can begin.  I would highly recommend Melissa for her coaching and her ability to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

~Anne Lane – Kansas City, Missouri

Being coached by Melissa has been a so wonderful experience that I am just going through TIR a second time with her.
This first round was a deep transformational experience.  Melissa makes you go deep inside you so that you can shift your most deepest paradigms.
Melissa knows how to uncover the best in you in a very subtle manner.
Her energy is so powerful and she is a real giver. She knows what you need. I warmly recommend her.

~Severine Manna, Paris France

The course was very revealing! It had me thinking outside of the box.  A great tool for self-reflection that pushed me beyond the normal everyday routines.  Melissa has such a great way of kindly delivering you to change your paradigm and keep you moving forward toward your goals.  It’s great to have someone there to kick you in the ass and pat you on the back while changing your thinking to get extraordinary results.  I highly recommend this course with Melissa!

~Heath Posey, Denver, CO
Oil & Gas Consultant, Petroleum Engineer

Client Testimonial - Kari WagnerMy first experience with life coaching was with Melissa, and I feel so blessed that she was the first coach to me! Melissa is amazing!  Her clear, positive, and supportive attitude really helped me make huge changes in my life. I really feel like a different, better person because of all Melissa did to help me.  Yay Melissa!

~Kari Wagner – Sacramento, California

Client Testimonial - Twila MeoWe should be grateful, optimistic, and work to achieve our goals each day, however very often we lose focus.  The Goals course taught by Melissa allowed me to re-focus my attention on daily gratitude, optimism, and goal setting and it has made a world of difference in how I live and feel each day.  Melissa was an extremely positive and energetic Life Coach.  She truly believes what she teaches and insists that you put 100% of your efforts into the coursework and into believing that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!  Melissa introduced me to positive affirmations such as “I am so happy and grateful for…” which have become an integral part of each of my days and give me a tremendous feeling of joy, peace, and energy.  Participating in a group Goals course was very rewarding as you support each other and grow together.  It also makes you more accountable to someone else besides yourself to make the maximum effort each week.  Melissa’s course taught me to “manifest” what I want to have and achieve in my life. Manifesting is an extremely powerful tool that I can utilize for the rest of my life!  Everyone really should take a Coaching course!  You don’t realize all the ways in which you can improve and change your life until you truly have to set goals!  It is not as easy as it sounds!

~Twila Meo – Green Bay, Wisconsin

I want to thank you so much for implementing my shift!   On Friday night I drove a stretch dinner run and my passenger gave me $200.  Since then I have received $170 more!!!  Then on Sunday I had the privilege of driving Von Miller!  Wow!  I had the most productive day yesterday and I feel really good about everything.  I am thankful and grateful for spending time with you!  You are amazing!

~ Annette Kazmerzak, Denver, CO

The Power of TIR –
Thanks and congrats to you Melissa for your Leadership, Patience, Insight, and Inspiration as my coach throughout the Thinking Into Results program. The power of TIR for me has been the power of awareness!  And with awareness, my gratitude has continued to blossom and grow.  Life has more power, purpose, and meaning as we choose to participate with awareness and in harmony with the universal laws that govern our lives and results 24 hours a day.  I thank God for your kindness, wisdom, and dedication.

~Nkai Walton, Los Angeles California
Freelance Marketer

I enjoy the passion and energy that Melissa brings to our group. She really believes that each of us can accomplish the meaning of our life if we allow ourselves to become unlimited in what we can achieve. Her positive energy is contagious, enabling those she coaches to get beyond negativity and distractions as they unlock their potential. She is a great role model for young women, and her leadership, charity, and successes, in addition to her skills as a coach are the reasons I requested that she work with my daughter.

~ John Stringfellow – Boulder, Colorado
Business Owner, Farmers Insurance

Melissa was the perfect coach for me going through The Thinking Into Results course. She fully embodies the principles of the program herself with an upbeat, can do attitude and a deep interest in fully supporting her client through their personal growth. She is a walking advert to the power of the program and you won’t go wrong having Melissa by your side over the 6-months of lessons.  I highly recommend Melissa!

~ Anne Phelan, Chicago Illinois
CEO, Merrett Davies International

Melissa has been a true inspiration to me. Her ability to keep people focused on the positive and important things in life is extraordinary. She has taught me a lot about myself in the past year and has shown me skills to move forward, even in the hardest of times. Thank you, Melissa, for all your charity work, you are the best!

~ Doug Herman, Denver Colorado
Living Benefits Specialist

Thank you so much Melissa!

It was great working with you on TIR!  With your help, I have manifested a number of changes in my life that are bringing me closer to my goal in this short time!  I’m excited to see what other amazing things I can do the second time around!!!!

Thank You again Melissa!
~ Dee Cukjati, Denver Colorado

Melissa is intelligent, respectful, and professional with her craft. She inspires, motivates, and gets right down to business with what is holding you back. I love how she dialed down what you need to do and how to do it to create the life you want. It is an honor and privilege to work with Melissa.

~ Sarah Breen, Boston Massachusetts
Sarah L Breen Coaching

Melissa… Has not only been our coach but become a dear friend! Her coaching has been a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm, strength in guiding, expertise in clear direction has been life changing! She speaks with such confidence, and makes you feel like YOU can achieve anything! I have stumbled a few times on our journey together but she is such a kind, caring and loving coach, she takes your hand and helps you back up! Thank you!!

~ Marcy Predmore – Estes Park, Colorado
Motivational Speaker at Tag Team Seminars

Before I did Thinking into Results, I was really struggling with owning my own business. It was something new, and I was really facing problems with what I thought I should be doing versus what I wanted to do or was doing.
I was kind of at a loss, and I didn’t have much belief in myself either. There was a lot of negative self talk going on in my head!
So I took the course. And what I got was so much more than just helping me with my business.
After the 6 months the biggest most important thing I learned was to just accept where I am right now. To be grateful and have trust that everything I want will come to me, if I allow it.
Thinking negatively will only bring that into my life. Thinking negatively will close my eyes to brilliant opportunities that could be coming to me.
And lastly, I know I am just starting my journey… I do not expect to have things all figured out over night!
~ Jill Gerard – Denver, Colorado

~Alice Crider – Colorado Springs, Colorado

~Clinton Powers – Inwood, West Virginia

I’m excited to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

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Melissa Tietz, PGI Certified Consultant

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